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Commitment to fresh, high quality beer

On our brewing system, we use only fresh, top quality ingredients. Our goal is to ensure that each pint we serve is of superior quality and meets the highest of standards.


Family-owned, independent craft brewery

Crystal Coast Brewing was established in 2017 and is a 100% family-owned craft brewery. We are proud to be members of the North Carolina Brewer's Guild and to be certified by the Brewer's Association as an Independent Craft Brewery.

Our mission is to provide visitors to the Crystal Coast as well as all those across the Carolinas with great tasting craft beer.


Focus on local

 All of our beer is brewed right here in Morehead City in the Crystal Coast Business Park.

We utilize many local ingredients in our brews, including fruits, grain, and hops. 100% of our spent grain is utilized by a local farm, as well as in soaps, scrubs, and dog treats.